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Research and development

Thermo C System is the result of a new Sharp & Botanica technology, engineered and developed to offer you a new aesthetic equipment that offers your customer different treatments in order to restore or obtain a body always in shape.

Thermo C System is provided with the combination of 4 different technologies, so that each treatment session will be as complete and successful as ever:

The equipment has been designed to reduce fat and to dramatically decrease the appearance of cellulite through the combination of:

Radio Frequency (heating effect)

The conducted Radio Frequency increases the oxygen intracellular delivery and diffusion by heating the adipose tissue to a depth of 5-15 mm. This action also helps our body to absorb the cosmetic products during the treatments both through the oxygen diffusion and the induced increase of the cellular permeability.
Radio Frequancy is also very effective to improve the skin appearance due to its ability in stimulating both the superficial and the deep collagen production.

Vacuum Massage

Thermo C System specially conceived handpiece is provided with vacuum massage that can perform lymphodraining in order to increase the elasticity and flexibility of the skin and gives you a great help in eliminating the toxins throu the lymphatic system.


The light therapy is another very important technology, stimulating both the lymphatic and blood circulation in order to get rid of the fat cells, to give a better aspect to your skin and to fight against the unsightly blemishes of cellulite. Light also helps to provide energy to the cells in order to restore their normal activity and to balance-back its proper aspect and elasticity.

Cooling (Cryotherapy)

Cryotherapy helps in reducing cellulite by reducing oedemas and stimulating the blood system, especially when combined with light (“Hot-Cold” effect).

Thermo C System special 2 handpieces are ergonomically designed to offer very comfortable and easy treatments both for small and big areas.

Thermo C System has been developed to treat all different body types and its results can be noticed since the first session!

Thermo C

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